5 Industries Are Booming During The Covid-19. (including movie streaming Companies)

Till now there is 2,501,544 cases of covid-19 all over world,every thing have been stopped including toilet paper production.

but,there is 5 industry or sector are booming(demand is in next level) which are:

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5 industries are booming during covid -19
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media,healthcare,food,pharma these are the sector or industry did not affected,but also increase in demand.

and other sector like Construction,ads,Ecommerce,education,finance,energy,real estate etc are in downfall.

MEDIA (Movies & news)

According to world economic forum,80% and 90% of people consume news and entertainment

disney+ had increased its subscriber of 28.6 millions,now total subscribers of 50 million,back in the 2019, had 20 million subscribers.

netflix stock NASDAQ: NFLX is all time high,including amazon,which is great.

prime video is helping customers stay entertained at home with a number of new free content offerings,which led to increase.

economictimes says that increase of 38% of consumption of Television in india,which is 1.2 trillion minutes in a week.


Employers could see healthcare benefit costs rise by 7% due to to covid-19.

$250 for mild cases, $2,500 for moderate cases, $30,000 for serve cases, and $100,000 catastrophic cases.

WHO calls on industry and governments to increase manufacturing by 40 per cent to rising global demand.

But there is shortages of gloves, medical masks, respirators, goggles, face shields, gowns, and aprons.


there is rise in 10-15% of spices and food in this month from countries like US,Europe,Australia,Israel,Palestine.says TPCI Chairman Mohit Singla.

in 2019,freash food sales(online sales) increased into 40 billion USD in china.

10% of shoppers had stockpiled goods,according to mintel latest data.

Now stand at 1445 million tonnes for coarse grains, 763 million tonnes for wheat and 512 million tonnes for rice FAO estimated in 2019.which is increased 2.6% from 2018.


In India pharmaceutical export may take up to 1-2 billion USD but there slowdown due to restriction of lockdown.

India’s pharmaceutical company is aimed become 120-130 billion USD by the year of 2030.

5 minute coronavirus testing kit with plans to start manufacturing 50,000 kits a day in US.

Pharmaceutical company increased upto 12% in february.

Sales of thermometer has drastically higher than usual.

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