Crip Camp review: mind-blowing documentary in netflix

Crip camp review

Its a Netflix documentary, an Obamas Production.its not about the production it’s about these people, the word we use for them is “disable people”.and no one knew this story, its all started in Summer camp 1951 .its started by a bunch of hippies as they mentioned in the documentary. back then In the US, a disabled child not allowed to go to public school, the revolution started because of the summer camp its called Jenet camp. As a part of a society, our perception of someone or something will be lippy, unless we go through that, after watching crip camp, there will be a different way of thinking towards disables, this documentary will break the chain of inequality, on the bases of physical look. the atmosphere of the “crip camp”(Jenet camp) is too different than the so-called “handicap camp”, basically, that camp gave them, that inner power to battle with the world, for the basic put in one word this is a super inspiring documentary. basically, I don’t rate documentaries, if you still want the rating, I would give 9/10, this documentary is eye-opening, you can watch this on Netflix.

“Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone.”

Martina Navratilova
NOTE:the above description of the documentary and "FAQ" or answered questions are the same. 
Initial release 25 March 2020 (United Kingdom)
Directors James LebrechtNicole Newnham
Producers  James LebrechtNicole NewnhamSara Bolder
Duration1h 47min

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