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extraction full movie online


Extraction 2020 directed by Sam Hargrave and produced by Chris Hemsworth The movie keeps you at edge of the seat,hooks your eye in the screen.

it’s about mumbai based teenage kid a ‘drug lord son’ get kidnapped by rival gang and keeps him in dhaka, the mercenary or ‘rescuer guy’ played by Chris hemsworth.

Its a netflix movie released on 24 April and now its no.1 trending in netflix, due to the conoravirus outbreak the extraction and other marvel movies got delayed and now finally its here.

if you ask me what i liked about this movie,i could say

its a 1 hour 57 minute(1:57min) long movie,its consist of long action scene and its keeps you excited, great camera work done by Newton Thomas Sigel.

Chris Hemsworth twitted yesterday talking about extraction he said,making this movie was most exhausting,but rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

fun fact the movie before named ‘Dhaka’ and later changed to extraction by Chris Hemsworth.

if you are a not a action movie fan or if you are real story guy this movie is not your taste.serious note,this movie not to be added to category of of so called ‘real cimena’ even i personally dont like ‘overly done action movies'(the word from nowhere) but i liked this one.

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extraction full movie watch online

you can watch this movie using free trails in netflix,offers us 30 days free trails

All you need is debit or credit card and redeem it,you can cancel it before the free trail ends.

click here to start 30 days free trails in netflix.

extraction full movie watch online 
netflix free trails
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Important Note: Cancel the free trial before the expiration, if not money transfer directly – known fact, still. (Netflix do not provide free trial anymore: updated 2020) then all set to watch extraction full movie online


there is mobile app called ‘beetv’ you can watch all netflix and other movies or series,but i don’t recommend to use it due to copyright and security issues.

but you can’t download the app in the play store or apple store, can download through direct search in chrome. (or other web browsers)


Initial release24 April 2020
DirectorSam Hargrave
Based onCiudad; by Ande ParksJoe RussoFernando León González
CastingChris Hemsworth,Golshifteh Farahani,Randeep Hooda,Priyanshu Painyuli

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