I Care A Lot Movie Review (Ruthless of Rosamund Pike)

I Care a Lot Movie Review

I care a lot is Netflix film starring Rosamund Pike(Marla Grayson) Eiza González(Fran) Dianne Wiest(Jennifer Peterson) Peter Dinklage(Roman Lunyov) are bonding character, and directed by J Blakeson. I wasn’t excepting what I thought of the movie before, movie got mixed opinion, where critics showed positive and audience showed negative response. The movie revolves around the one strong character Marla Grayson played by Rosamund Pike she was a same from gone girl. she is so disturbing character but the interesting one!

She is the Court appointed guardian, at the first movie showcase about her thoughts on society. she made living out of elderly by planting doctor’s for patients health status, than she goes to court by telling they needs assistance in their life and handle their assets. Doctor comes with the new patience Jennifer Peterson were she don’t have any family members, Marla sees great opportunity, she takes her to old age house during in search her house she finds key of locker, she finds diamonds she plan to keep it to her. turn out Jennifer Peterson is mother of Russian mafia ‘Roman Lunyov’


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A strong feminist character excellently showcase by J Blakeson through Rosamund Pike. she is clearly picked by her performance in Gone girl, she is good in showing evilness in the screen, she was so ruthless even the mafia was not cruelly showed we all wanted her died. similar match I watched recently is White Tiger(worth of giving a shot if you liked this) Balram and Marla have this hate to the society, where Balram’s hates comes from society how is been treated and Marla’s comes from her own its more unknown her story do not cover childhood. “Playing fair is a joke invented by rich people to keep the rest of us poor,” she says in her opening voiceover how the director introduced the character was simple amazing!

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