Section 375-Sweet & Short Movie Review


This movie is court room drama,story line is movie director Rohan Khurana(Rahul Bhat) is accused of rape. Akshaye Khanna plays lawyer(tarun saluja character) of accused and Richa chadda plays lawyer of victim(Meera chopra).I personally liked akshaye Khanna’s character if you want me to put acting in order,there is no order only akshaye Khanna’s character was fascinating.Ajay Bahl is a director and written by Manish gupta watch his the stoneman murders it is so underrated.


Why You should watch This movie?

After its all about the mood,if you are looking for serious court room drama or crime/drama,if you ask me “its average movie”but i enjoyed watching it.the narrative of movie made in way that judges come under pressure of protesters for quick action to accused which is silly i guess.which also showcase black ink throwing to lawyer tarun saluja for defending accused or for doing his job.

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