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10 Teenage and Juvenile movies (You Should Never Miss)

Teen movies to watch

Everyone loves movies, its sets a different vibe when you are bored, today we gonna talk about a different genre called “teen” in that there are romantic teenage movie, comedy teen movies, classic teen movies, etc etc. there hundred or maybe thousands of movies based on teens, I’m gonna break down 10 teenage movies which are awesome because you deserve the best, this is “must watch movies” as a teenager, not only teens everyone can watch, who cares, if you ask me about the documentary on teens, one of my favorite recent documentary called Crip Camp, you can stream it on Netflix.

10.The Girl Next Door(2004)

Matthew Kidman played by (Emile Hirsch) was a senior in high school he was a usual school kid until he saw Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) walking into his next door. And later he founds out that she is an adult film actress.

if you are looking for: some romantic comedy teen movies go for it, it shows chasing your dream! & That changing point in your life makes your thinking upside down all this, movie shows in a shallow manner. this movie makes you laugh and Elisha Cuthbert will be your latest crush.


Two best friends Seth (jonah hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) want to enjoy their lives before going to a different college, the movie adapted from the high school days of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg themselves.

if you are looking for: teen comedy this is a must-watch teen movie . it’s about friends who spent years together and now they are school days is getting over and wanna spend crazy night together.

8.Girl, Interrupted(1999)

Susanna(Winona Ryder) had a disorder and tried to kill herself, and she was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where she meets people with different disorders. And deeply changes her life.

if you are looking for: serious drama, dark scene, and about the mental health many people go through this especially teens but nowadays depression numbers is gone up. due to this covid thing. if going through this movie will show you a self mirror.

7.A Walk to remember(2002)

London(Shane West) is that cool kid in the school and always get in trouble, school principal makes him attend weekend tutoring during that time he falls in love with baptist daughter Jamie(Mandy Moore) and she was suffering from cancer.

if you are looking for: A boy meets the girl they fall in love and one of them will gonna die just like a fault in our star. don’t you think there are many movies like this out there?

6.The Mean Girls(2004)

Cady(Lindsay Lohan) joins a new public school, was she befriend Jains and damain, they warn her to avoid the “plastics” a group of bees, and things get complicated when cady loves Aaron, an ex-boyfriend of Regina(Rachel McAdams), a lead member of plastics.

if you are looking for: girl movie, go ahead, I have seen many girls talking like a hell about this movie if you are a girl you will relate it, you gonna love this one!. and the majority of them already watched it.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You(1999)

Bianca(Larisa Oleynik) wants to date Cameron(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) but her father mentions that Bianca may date only if her sister kate(Julia Stiles) does, knowing that she is antisocial behavior, so Cameron pays Patrick(Heath Ledger) to appeal kate.

if you are looking for: a romantic comedy movie, this movie is really lit! this movie really unique in terms of story, acting casting and I miss Heath Ledger man!.

4.Dazed and confused(1993)

Its an indie movie, story about a bunch of teenagers celebrate their last day of high school, the movie is about one night, doing crazy deeds.and Matthew McConaughey famous dialogue “alright alright alright” came from this movies.

if you are looking for: do you know why I feel happy watching because the generation gap 70s and 90s and read somewhere 80s was the best decade to a teenager and I really wanna known why?

3.Project X(2012)

This movie is inspired by the true story, of Corey Worthington a 16-year-old, held a birthday party in his parent’s house in Melbourne, Australia.five hundred people showed up, and gets out of control, turns out to chaos.

if you are looking: teen party movie, the reason I like this one because it was totally different for me by that time the storyline is so good that you forget the movie was recorded videocam.

2.Ferries Bueller’s Day Off(1986)

Ferries(Matthew Broderick) fakes illness to stay at home and spends his day out of the door, school dean suspects him to catch and he gets away with that.

if you are looking for: 80s teen movie, I’m really hate Ferries character, when I did some terrible and try to get away with it. I always got caught one or the other way. ‘I hate you ferries’


kale(Shia LaBeouf) disturbed by the death of his father, by car accident he attacks the teacher for invoking him about his father death, the judge sentences him to three month’s house arrest and start to spy on his neighbours, he witnesses a serial killer on his next door.

if you are looking for: serious thriller movie, I heard about this movie and recently watched it, I will compare this for best thrillers like Se7en, the sixth sense.

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what you think, which your best teen movie? if I missed some great movies let me know in the comment section.

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